We have met several couples both off & on-line that share our feelings of love toward our respective spouses. here are but a few of them.  These are in alphabetical order, by the way:

Angie & Robert (Viki's daughter & husband)

Andersp & Antje

birddog & Funnyface (AKA Ronny & Janet)

greggyw & Aunt Sissy (AKA Greg & Cindy)

Jason & Mary (Michael's son and fiancée)

John & Sally (Mom & Dad Gardner)

Maverick & Golden Queen of New York, (AKA Tony and Arlene)

Mike and Sylvia (Dad & Mom Long)

NASCAR & BJ (AKA  Fred & Jean)

Nikki & Nikki's #1 Fan (AKA Nikki and Cara)

Panda and Bumble

Ric & Michelle Justiss, "The Preacherman"

Smooth & Lil_Brat (AKA Randy & Debbie)