The Groom

Michael Patrick Gardner

This is me at work in Milwaukee, a short time before I came to Texas.

Here are a few of my favorite things:

  • Viki Eileen Gardner AKA RamblinMaam

  • RamblinRosie

  • Being RamblinMan

  • The colors purple & red together.

  • 2 Honest Emotions And Romantic Treasures

  • Sitting next to Viki, reading on the couch, together or to each other.

  • Watching a movie and eating popcorn & Peanut M&M's with Viki

  • Watching her fall asleep before the end of the movie. hahahahaha

  • Feeling like a teenager again (That's Love)

  • Doing anything with Viki. (That's True Love)

  • Finally finding My One & Only True Love with Viki.


I'm an aspiring writer trying to improve my typing and speLOLing skills.

I tend to Ramble so please bare with me.

Also I try to leave a smile wherever I go. };}}~ pppfft

I'm smiling all the time now that I have found my RamblinMaam!

That's right she has agreed to take my name.

She is My Betrothed!

The First & Only True Love of My Life!

She is My Everything!