We Met!

We met on-line.

We were both members of the same gaming site and in one of the same clubs within that site, that was holding a mystery player backgammon tournament.

Well... although I knew nothing about it Viki did and she was looking over the members to determine who to invite to play and she kept seeing the name RamblinMan.

 Something about the name caught her eye and she looked at my profile and decided I was safe (or something LoL) and invited me to a game of Backgammon.

We hit it off quite well and became fast friends.

We played a few more games and then changed to a game of Trax where the pattern of game play came out as two interlocking hearts.

Here is the outcome of that game

RamblinMan: darlin when you place the next tile you will see a double interlinked interlocked heart... save it and see if you can print it and scan it. save it send it... i can't seem to save the board on this end and I want this picture for ever... and a day... and then some... xoXox
RamblinMaam: wow this is amazing, darling!!!

Shortly after this I asked Sunny_Flower (Viki) if she would take my name.

She said "YES!" and she has been RamblinMaam ever since.