Our Poems

For you, Michael...


I want to hear your voice
Soothe my shattered nerves...

I want to feel your fingers
Caress my crimson cheek...

I want to smell your skin
Revive my ravenous desire...

I want to taste your lips
Crave my carnal soul...

But more than all this,

I want to see you face-to-face
And know true love...

Viki 3-16-04

For you, Viki...


I want to look into your eyes
as I feel the breath
from your sighs

I want to hold onto your hand
as we both try so hard
to understand

I want to softly touch your cheek
as we attempt to find
the answers that we seek

I want to look upon your face
and hold you tight
in a sweet embrace

I want to be with you
for the rest of my life
but above all of this
I want you as my loving wife

RamblinManMike 03-18-2004



2 Hearts...
throbbing alone...
dying from
lost love,
gone and

2 Hearts...
racing again...
found by a
new love,
to mend.

2 Hearts...
beating as one...
cannot be

2 Hearts...
1 Soul...
as true love

2 H.E.A.R.T.s

RamblinMaam Nov 30th 2004

Truthfully Unbelievable

These feelings I have for you inside,

can't remain hidden very long.

In my heart where they do reside,

they're growing so very strong.

I want to stand up and shout,

With each passing moment they become stronger.

and to pour my heart out,

they can't be kept hidden any longer.

These feelings seem to emit from around us,

more powerful then we have ever known before.

At first the feelings seemed to confound us,

until we both thought we could love no more.

Now as we can only begin to comprehend,

how these feelings continue to grow.

As we together become as one with out an end,

We scratch the surface of what there is to know.

Although these feelings are Truthfully Unbelievable,

because of the width breadth and depth of it all,

Understanding is becoming so very conceivable,

it's the first time we've felt True Love is all.

RamblinMan Nov 29th 2004


by RamblinMaam

Tomorrow's dream--Since tomorrow never comes, does that include the dream?
Or will it happen as tomorrow disperses into today?
Or perhaps we will realize it as today disintegrates into yesterday?
And once realized, does it then disappear into the past?
What becomes of the dream if today stops short?
Does it become a cloud that hangs in the sky waiting hopefully for another person to claim it?
If we should be so lucky as to realize our dream, what then?
Do we concoct a new dream for the next morrow?
Some say dreams are nothing more than elusive clouds
to a never-never land of hopes, wishes, and desires.
But I know differently.
Dreams DO come true, given the proper nourishment.

You can't hold a dream away from you and think it will hurry back to your arms.
You can't set a dream on a shelf and expect it to move forward by itself.
No, you must bring that dream out into the open, dust it off, polish it up.
Cradle it lovingly close to your heart, religiously tally its progress,
and joyfully greet it each day as you awaken;
for each new sunrise means you are one today closer...
to tomorrow's dream.


Tomorrow's Dream
by RamblinManMike

I ponder upon yesterday... dreaming about tomorrow... forgetting today...

deep in thought about everything and nothing... around me everything is as

nothingness... but in my mind tomorrow is perfectly clear... I will be

her all and all I have hers... our history can change our future... we can

truly learn from our mistakes... better yet from others... perhaps with

love and understanding... Honest Emotions And Romantic Treasures... If it

is fate that's one thing... if destiny another... but if true love enters into it...

the past can make tomorrow's dream... come true... tomorrow's dream..... come

true..... tomorrow's dream come true..... tomorrow's dream..........




We hope you enjoyed some of the poems we wrote for one another